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The waiting....

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you might consider seeking professional help.... :blink: :lol:


I already have, and they tell me I've lost my mind. Funny part is, I don't miss it a bit. Life is too short to spend any of it being "normal." :) :) :)

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So, yeah. Im all excited... ordered a xuron vise, and now I have to wait for it!!! :(


Someone tell me a story while I wait??


(( Seriously, I'll do a review, at least based on my expertise, when it arrives! ))




Good for you! I hope it is exactly what you are looking for! At this point I wouldn't give up my rotary feature for anything, but to each their own. I'm biding my time on the Renzetti Traveler. After Christmas I'm hoping, but I do need some wading boots pretty badly too, so we'll see what Santa brings me.



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