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Fly Tying
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H Dot Verseman

Potential tier needed for xmas gift set

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I'm trying to line a back up tier for a christmas gift. I had contracted Don Bastian to tie me a set of flies, but after his recent stay in the hospital, I don't know if he'll be able to produce the flies I would like tied for a xmas deadline and I don't know if I should even add the stress of the order onto him at this point, even if he feels healthy soon. I had contracted 9 flies total, and was given a price.


I am looking for traditional style streamers. I am seeking the following patterns:


1. Grey Ghost

2. Black Demon

3. Gold Demon

4. Canopache

5. Morning Glory

6. Red Devil

7. Cameona

8. Canadian Killer


The 9th was a pattern similar to Sharon E Wright's The Black Pearl streamer tied on a size 1 10xl shank. It doesn't have to be exact, just a similarly looking fly, but definitely with a pink floss body.


If you are familiar with these patterns, and are able to do it by a short deadline, please contact me via pm or email @ [email protected]


Obviously I would have loved a set tied by Don Bastian but I am downtrodden to say that I don't know if he can fulfill it this soon after his stay in the hospital. I definitely wish him well and will go with him if he confirms in the next couple of days.

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I looked through the patterns and I am willing to do the 2 demons my question though is do you want them on a 10xl galiec hook like the other one you mentioned or is a 6xl fine I have both size hooks just curious as to which you prefer

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