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With the approval of Admin I am opening up a Beginners Swap open to the first 12 with I'm in Due date is Febuary 1st 2013 any fly you want to tie only stipulation is you have to be a fairly new tier all other swap rules apply here is the link to the rules http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?showtopic=13551
1. Joman-quill gordon/comparadun deer hair body variantion-received
2. grey brook-sz 8 trixie the hooker hoppers-received
3. SSC-Sparrow size 12-received
4. gravytrain-balsa plug-received
5. trouser trout-Extended Body Light Cahill-received
6. BrookTroutAngler -tan mini-hopper, size 14-received
7. H Dot Verseman- Loren's Baron
8. Jackpine- Gary Kreb's styled poppers
9. Kudu-received
10. SCOwens-Grey Winged Caddis-received
11. Breambuster-bead head RFSN-received
12. letumgo-received
sm-me- tent wing caddis-done

Lets have fun and tie some flies

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Seems like the perfect first fly swap on this forum for me, started tying earlier this year.


So count me in with a tan mini-hopper, size 14. Perhaps my favorite fly to fish and tie.

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I'd like to join this if you will have me. I'm going on my 3rd year this holiday season. It has been a wild ride to say the least.


I've been debating on which fly to tie, I had 4 in mind. First was a dry fly bwo parachute with cdc hackle. the 2nd was a prince john, a combination of a prince nymph and copper john. the third was a wet fly i came up with. the 4th was loren williams' Baron.


I'll be tying Loren's Baron. It was my most effective fly this year by far.



are we tying one per person?

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