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Fly Tying

Smallmouth/Largemouth Monthly Swap - JANUARY

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For January, those of us in the SMB/LMB tying club are going to be tying Calcasieu Pig Boat flies. If you have not tied this fly before, no worries! A quick Google search will lead you in the right direction. I have seen many variations of this fly, some with marabou tails, some with worm like tails, etc. Use your imagination!


All swap rules apply:

* Send your flies in a container that is crushproof. Keep in mind that some of these flies may be larger than the ones you send in. Please send an appropriate size container.

*Toetag your flies with your screen name and the name of the fly. Also put on there "LMB/SMB Club" because it will help keep these flies separate from any other swaps.

* Include a self addressed stamped envelope for the return of your flies. Do NOT send something that is metered. You must use real stamps or the post office will not accept it. I know, stupid rule on their part, but we have to follow it.

* Either post the recipe here or PM it to me. I will, each month, photo each fly and put the recipe with it on this thread.


When finished, send flies to:

Forrest Miller

"January Bass Swap"

4023 Hunt Club Drive

Oswego IL 60543


1) Me - Swapmaster - Done - Got 'em
2) Zachxbass - Got 'em
3) Eugward - Received - Got 'em
4) Eastern fly - Received - Got 'em
5) Joman - Received - On hold at my house due to international postage rates
6) Rich mc - Received - Got 'em



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Hook: i believe size 2 ill double check that

Thread: red 6/0 uni thread

Skirt/ yellow skirt

Hackle: soft hackle yellow

Body: chenille orange

Eyes: painted

Weight: copper wire (cannot buy lead wire in my jurisdiction)

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Mine are white. White is one of my best producing colors.

Thread white

hook 1/0

Tail white and white cystal flash

hackle white

body white estaz

skirt pearl white

wieght .02 lead-free wire

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recipe for my pig boat variation;

Hook: Mustad 3366 size 4, (obviously you can go larger if you like, I just like this size for my local ponds)

Tail: Olive marabou

Hackle: brown strung saddle hackle (this pack has a nice reddish hue to it)

Body: olive/ black variegated chenille, large size i believe.

Skirt: Black round rubber, small size... Large would work also, i just like the movement of the small rubber, and its what i had on hand.

eyes: 3d molded eyes, small. (not sure of actual size, use what looks best to you)

weight: none (.20 lead or even lead eyes could be used)


The local ponds I frequent most often are small, and over fished. That is why i tied this smaller than average, and lightweight. Plus I only use a 6 weight rod, So this should be easy to cast.


I should be ready to ship by tomorrow or the next day. Gotta make toe tags and eat some altoids to get a container

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Guest rich mc

ill tye a small one i have one that is quite an eye catcher about a 6 or 4hook. i use fine rubber for the tail and front for the head i use t shirt paint to coat the thread head and yellow for the eyes. richmc

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Can you all please update me as to if your flies are in the mail or not? I want to update the original post today or tomorrow to show where we are with this. Thanks in advance!



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