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Just thought i would try and tent some mallard flank onto the blue charmish things and up the size to a #7, still has arctic fox under, should hold the roof nicely.




Look forward to swimming them.


Jam! Put those babies in a frame. That would make a cool one for over the tying bench. I have NO IDEA how you tent mallard flank. I try just tying with them and I just about loose my mind lol. Very cool dude.


Tied most of these at the Fly Fishing Show last weekend here in Denver

















I tie mostly saltwater flies, but I know a great set of flies when I see em'. That second stonefly is abosolutely awesome.

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Delektable Lil’ Spanker… BLACK, Rainbow-Lavender…Dan Delekta/Variant…TMC 5262, #12 – #18…




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carlp5351, they look like nice snacks!


Thanks Chefben! The mallard tenting can be a bit fiddly at first, the feathers are slippery and difficult to handle but after a few tries you should be able to nail it. Pretty nifty little tying technique to have, after u get them to sit you will start to try and tent all sorts of feathers. Goose seems to tent nicely.


Here is a good link that should help, just be prepared to swear at the feathers for the first few tries. Scroll down to mallard wings




And here is Davie McPhail once again making it all look too easy. He seems to do that!


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I've been lurking and not posting much for quite a while... It's been a long time since I tied up a fly due to my son being sick... Longer since my last Rangely streamer... but this weekend the mood hit in conjunction with a little bit of time and I was able to enjoy some time at the vice mucking around... Felt good!



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Seeing prince nymphs everywhere just recently so I tied up some variations based on salmon / big trout sizes.




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