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More brainstorming led to the "Big Eye Baitfish"

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Last summer, when I was doing a lot of experimentation with the new dubbing brush machine, I made a simple streamer pattern with a tail of flash and rabbit strip and a body of a streamer brush made of Senyo Laser Dub. I added a cone head for some weight. This pattern killed fish in my favorite local stream, smallies to largemouth to crappies to sunfish. The problem I had was the rabbit strip and/or flash fouling around the hook. So yesterday I was daydreaming at work about how to modify it, without using a mono loop, to keep it from fouling as much. I also decided to go with no weight for more zero buoyancy. I decided if I fish it on a sink tip or poly leader I don't need the weighted head or eyes. So here's what I came up with:










I tied in the rabbit strip and flash, then two small clumps of reverse/hollow bucktail with some flash sprinkled in, followed by the Laser Dub streamer brush. I am thinking the bucktail should help keep the tail from fouling as often. I juiced the bodies up a little with Sharpies and added oversized 3D eyes. These are the three trial patterns I cranked out last night. They are tied on a Mustad S74SZ-34011 in size 4, total fly length is right at 3".

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Awesome stuff! How bout a step by step tying? Im gonna tie some for my small creek smallies.

Thanks for showing us.


I don't have the pics for it right now, but here's a recipe if that would help.


Hook: Mustad S74SZ-34011 Size 4

Thread: 3/0 Uni (need something with enough strength to wrap the bucktail pretty tight)

Tail: barred rabbit strip and Flashabou

Collar: 2 clumps reverse/hollow style bucktail and flash (I used contrasting colors of bucktail plus Krystal Flash and Flashabou)

Body/Head: streamer brush made of Senyo Laser Dub colored with Sharpies

Eyes: 3D molded, I think these were either 1/4" or 5/16"


You could do the Laser Dub in a dubbing loop, I just prefer to use the brush method. I can crank out a brush pretty fast with a wire core that is pretty durable, and one brush may make 3 flies like this. A dubbing loop would work, though, just spin it tight and wrap it. After wrapping the brush, I use a bodkin and pick out as much trapped fiber as I can, then stroke it back. It gives a fuller look to the body/head.

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I've been in a slump with patterns ans being uncreative, especially since here in MN everything is frozen solid, this pattern is just what i needed.. Good tie, thanks

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