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Fly Tying

Febuary 2013 flies from the vice

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Took a break from the book and made an attempt at some McPhail emergers off YouTube.


Forgot to wrap back on one of those wing cases and had a lot of wraps showing. When I was finished cryin I took a purple marker (thought I grabbed brown :) ) and "fixed" it.




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With cravens book (hares ear, PT, rs2, prince and copper), YouTube (McPhail's stuff ), and of course this site (trout bane) I've got a box full a keepers already and I'm only two months in.

If I can pump out 2000 more flys a week an sell em at $5 a pop I might break even on all the !$&&x* IVE BOUGHT SINCE XMAS!! wink.png



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Sunsignarcher - no kidding right. Any time someone says "I'm going to take up tying to save money"... I laugh, and think about all the times I bought 50 bucks worth of specific materials because I wanted to make one pattern... which I only tie 5 off a year - but HAVE to have.


You add it all up, and tying flies may be more expensive than buying the gear to fish them with :)


Worth every penny though :)

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Cheech's Grumpy Frumpy:





Nice one! Very cool fly. I see good panfish possibilities with this one.

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Probably NOT any where near a traditional cosseboom...but what do you really expect from me by now?
Hook: 36890 #4 Mustad
Tag: Gold Small UTC French Tinsel
Tail: Golden Pheasant Crest
Body: Green Mason's Line (1 strand)
Rib: Small Gold UTC French Tinsel
Wing: Short Goldish Bucktail
Collar: Green Dollar Store Boa (really sparse)
Head: Avon Emerald (metallic)
Overcoat: Gorilla Glue Super Glue
If ya want a history....I'll try to find one...sometime..... ;D

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