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I made a post with my kayak and showing it off kinda so i figured i would throw this topic out there and see if any one wants to share.

throw a picture of your kayak float tube boat raft box what ever you fish off of or out of or on top of up on this post :) hope to see some awesome rigs..'




mines not much right now but here it is


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i have a 14' Koffler RMT

I don't have any recent shots, but here are some from last summer

(I've upgraded all the seats and added a tractor rowers seat)




hooked up

and you can see the mess it becomes at the end of the day

you can see the left tray has a built in covered rod locker

all the seats are moveable- to match weight and # of people




one of the best mods you can have

a bottle opener mounted to the rowers seat



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That pontoon trailer is a great idea. I just bought a pontoon and am looking for a way to transport it with my Honda Element.

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It's been a while since someone posted to this topic, but I was so excited to get this boat I had to share it. It is a Native Ultimate 14.5 Tandem in the Camo color. It is set up as solo in the pictures I have. But the day I got it home I took it out to the pond behind my house and had myself, my wife, and our 55lb. dog in it set up in tandem. It is more stable than I could have imagined, the second pic is the first time I stood up in it. I can't wait to get it on some trout waters. If anyone else has this boat, what are some of the things you've done to accessorize it?





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