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Source for Pelts Within Canada

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I just purchased myself a lower grade Coyote pelt, Red Fox pelt, and Austrialian Opossum pelt for under $100 with shipping and taxes included. I will post some pictures when they arrive later next week. If anyone is interested in the supplier message me and I can relay his e-mail address and website.

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I just received my order today and I must say I am impressed. I got a bunch of extra freebies with my order and everything is top notch for lower grade pelts. Some of the pelts have rips/tares or patches of skin without fur that look like they had the mange cut out. The amount of damage on the pelts is very minimal and all of the fur on the pelts are useable and very good quality, just not something they would sell for the price of wall hanging pelts. I highly suggest ordering from this vendor if you need furs from within Canada. I will be posting some pictures a bit later tonight when I get a chance.

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Australian Opossum:



Red Fox:






Extra Goodies






Damaged Muskrat Pelt:



I got a dyed mask and a tail as well...not sure what they are from at the moment, waiting for confirmation from the vendor as to what the species is. I will update when I find out.




Blue Fox (Ranched) Mask Dyed:



Bobcat Tail:


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I have been using the arctic fox mask for clousers and hairwings, the fibers are very soft and I LOVE the way they move in the water. I have also got into a bit of the coyote for hair wings and the red fox. I have plans for it all..never enough hours in the day it seems.

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