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Fly Tying

Split wing case blue wing olive nymph - step by step

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Materials needed:

Hook: TMC 200R sizes #16-22 Any 2x or 3x long hook shank nymph hook can be used.

Thread: UNI thread, light olive.

Tail: Mallard flank feather dyed lemon.

Body: Fine blue wing olive dubbing.

Rib: Tippet. I am using 6x tippet for this size #18 hook.

Wing case: Black goose biots over olive razor foam.

Thorax: Fine blue wing olive dubbing.

Legs: Mallard flank feather dyed lemon.


Place your hook in your vice.


Start your thread.


Trim your thread, and wrap to the start of the hook gap.


Wrap 2-3 wraps of thread to build up a bump to tie your tail in front of.


Tie in your tail, and wrap your thread forward.


Stop wrapping your thread when you reach where your thorax should start, and clip the tag.


Tie in your rib. Start tying it in where you ended your thread wraps.


Wrap your thread over your rib almost to the tail.

Always leave enough room to wrap one wrap of dubbing behind the start of your rib.


Dub a small amount of BWO dubbing onto your thread.


Build a tapered body with your dubbed thread.


Wrap your rib forward, tie it off, and trim the tag end.


Select 2 black goose biots, and tie them in.


Tie in your your goose biot on the top/side of the hook shank.


Tie in your other goose biot.


Tie in some olive razor foam.


Dub some more BWO dubbing onto your thread.


Build a thorax with your dubbed thread.


Cut a section of mallard flank feather to tie in as legs.

I like to keep the mallard flank feather fibers attached to the stem. You can tie in both sets of legs at the same time that way. They are also easier to work with.


Tie in your legs.


Stretch your razor foam over the thorax, and tie it off, and trim the tag.


Pull a goose biot across the thorax, and tie it off.


Pull the other goose biot over the thorax, and clip the tag ends.


Apply head cement directly to the thread, and whip finish.





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Great looking tie...I use a lot of those split backs, particularly PMD versions. To further simplify the pattern, I use a wider chunk of foam and color the sides with a black or brown sharpie. This is much quicker than tying in two biots and is no less effective, although it is a little less sexy. I also drop a dab of zap-a-gap on the top of the thorax before pulling the foam over, which makes the wingcase pretty much bombproof.

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Great looking fly. I like the 6x for the ribbing. I am going to give a few of these a shot this week. BWOs are finally starting to pop here a bit. Thanks for the great post!

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Glad you like it ISUTroutBum. Have a look at the batwing BWO emerger I posted a few days ago. I've been nailing fish on it lately.

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