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I posted this below but maybe this is a better place for the question.


Well, yesterday was my Birthday (after my 50th I have ignored them) and lo and behold what was in the two boxes my Wife presented me with?

One was a catalog printout of the Cabelas Goretex Stretchable Wading Jacket ( on the way she says, ) AND a picture of a Float Tube!

Pick One Out !, she said!!!!!

I think she is trying to make up for the Exercise Bike she bought for me at Christmas. ( I guess I didn't look all that excited Christmas morning, hey who can blame me , if you can't fish with it.................)

Anyway, now I have to "Pick out a float tube." Any Recommendations?????

I weigh about 230 lbs ( hence the Exercise Bike) and would want to be able to carry the tube for moderate distances to water. Also be able to pack in the back of the 4x4 on trips South in a reasonable space.


I am leaning toward a Fat Cat but open to suggestions from those who "Float".

Also I am in S. Ontario so availability is an issue.


Thanks For your help


"Older and Wider"

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The Fat cat would be a good choice. Another nice tube is a T.U. Togiak, this is the tube I own and use. You can see a pic of it in Cabela's. Stay with a V shape tube and you'll be happy, they move through the water better then any of the others I've used.



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I did hours and hours of research on this a few years ago before I bought my first one. I ended up with a Water Skeeter "Day Tripper." Mine's from Orvis (because the colors of the orvis allowed me to duck hunt out of it as well as fish) but you can get one without the orvis logo (or the pretty green and brown colors) for a few bucks less.


I went to several stores, sat in and messed with dozens of tubes, and was completely sold the first time I saw a Day Tripper. You can check out the design here:

Water Skeeter


I couldn't be happier. The tube is (in my opinion) superior to any I've seen, and the few I've tried since. It offers plenty of storage room, is extremely comfortable (I've spent as long as 7 comfortable hours in it without going ashore) and is light enough to pack into my favorite remote spots without much trouble. One of my favorite features is that the seat is a block of (about 4" thick) foam, that, in combination with the pontoons, keeps my little 170lb. butt out of the water most of the time, keeping me dry from the knees up (unless the water's choppy - then the slop comes over the seat.) When I first blew mine up (in the living room mind you) my wife said 'it's like a Lazy-Boy' which is a very accurate description. It's the Lazy-Boy of the water.


Believe it or not, I'm not a salesperson for Orvis, or Water Skeeter, I just like this tube this much. Hope this helps - and by the way, as I'm sure you've heard - float tubing is an AWESOME way to fish.




Edit - I just noticed that if you look at the "Gallery" section of the Water Skeeter web-site, there's a picture looking down on 2 guys in their Day Trippers - this may give you a better idea of the scale.


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