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Fly Tying

E. Danica Dry Fly

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Hi everybody!


I was sittin' on my tying-bench yesterday - and this is the result I want to share with you: A large dry fly pattern that is supposed to mimic the Ephemera Danica dun. That is one of the lartgest mayflies that appears over here in northeastern Germany.


Hook: Gamakatsu F13, #8

Thread: Light



- Antron dubbing cream

- 3 fibers of Moose mane (sic?)

- ribbing brown tying thread 6/0

- silicon glue



- 2 CDC-feathers, natural gray

- synthetic yarn, cream



- Cell foam, tan


Reverse Hackle

- Wing post: Cell foam, tan

- Hackle: Barred ginger, 6 wraps


My 1st attempt was with only 4 wraps of hackle. A foating test showed that the extended body is sitting a bit deep in the film. Hence I decided to apply two more wraps of hackle which gave a better result.......



Guys, what do you think - please share your thougths ......




Cheers, Obi





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Hi everybody!


Thanks a bunch for your kind comments. I hope the fly will perform in real life. That's all that really counts, right?


For those who might take an interest: This dry fly is a hybrid out of two patterns - "Theo's Maifliege" and Morten Oeland's "Danica Dun"....



Cheers, Obi

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