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Fly Tying

March Flies from the Vice

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Thanks FlyFishinJam


You are the one who inspired me to try these styles of flys.


Oh wow, quite an honor! Well i had only been doing them for a year or so but quickly found out how effective they were in B.C and over in Ontario which really sparked the tying, have quite the confidence in swinging them or even nymphing, or grease lining etc. That one with the purple marabou will have a very nice action in the water! I do belive i could quite happily just swing spey types or salmon flies and intruders all season.


Anyway really enjoy looking at that marabou hackle!

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Stuff for a "newbie" box to be given away...on a CA FF Forum I frequent




Wired $3.00 DIP - Matthews/Variant - Daiichi 1130, #14 - #18...




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Inspired by easterns variation on Hans Steelhead pat.

Dark claret

attachicon.gifSteelhead Pat V2 (900x704).jpg

Light scarlet

attachicon.gifSteelhead Pat V1 (865x900).jpg

That a good looking set of flies. That fly of Hans really hit me when I seen it. I have tyed it in a few different colors.



Yeah, I had the chance to wet them last night. Too cold and still no sign of running fish. But the note Hans makes, very slow swing is very true. In a slow swing the fibres of the partridge really pulse. Speed it up and the fly just dies. This will be one I save for the flat spot at the top and bottom of the tides.

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here are few I came up with, Golden rainbow, brookie, black nose dace, rosie red (favorite of bait fishermen) smallie, creek minnow, brown trout


post-624-0-04772600-1364605503_thumb.jpg post-624-0-34169300-1364605505_thumb.jpg


post-624-0-57267700-1364605507_thumb.jpg post-624-0-87278900-1364605509_thumb.jpg


post-624-0-16815100-1364605512_thumb.jpg post-624-0-46883500-1364605514_thumb.jpg


post-624-0-62297400-1364605516_thumb.jpg post-624-0-79587800-1364605518_thumb.jpg


post-624-0-09157300-1364605521_thumb.jpg post-624-0-44528500-1364605523_thumb.jpg



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my wife is out of town so i have been able to sit and tie without being called for chores every 5 minutes. I have gotten a lot tied this month.


I experimented with some dubbing and also tried out extended bodies. My first was way to thick as you all can see. Then it was trying some size 16 dries out.


Hope you all like them.










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