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Fly Tying

March Flies from the Vice

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Like those Woodinfliezz. Just fished a very similar pattern I recieved in a swap today, no fish, think the dolphins scared them off but the fly looked great.

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Some more recent ties...just messing around.

I call this one the herling nymph. The first three photos are of the herling nymphs.




The next two are a moth-like pattern i made up messing around.



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St. Patty's Day Swimmy Flymph

It's about time we have some love for the Irish; nice work!


My most recent YouTube video, tying the Clown Shoe Caddis:


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Aloha! I felt the need to contribute to the thread this month, some awesome patterns appearing in these pages. I am on 1/0 and 2/0 clouser deep and flats clouser duty over here.


Here is my nice summery garden setting bench. Feel free to drop by anytime and tie some salties.




And the clousers are flying off the vice, clean small heads, LOL no way i shall save that for speys.


This is a start, i probably have another 50 to do.














Working on stocking the old flats masters. Don't need too many more as i will be using them on sand not the reef.




Then EP minnows, these need a comb and a haircut, and i need some bigger hooks, maybe add some sharpie marker to make them striped, ugly but u get the idea.




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I like the shaggy minnows. Especially the 3rd one down with bit of red showing through. I'd leave a couple uncut and see if the fish like some boombastic tying.

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