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A quick session close to home; OR, why I love FTF Swaps!

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Hey all..


Not doing so great at the moment... But I am going stir crazy so needed to get out of the house this morning.


Visited one of my favourite freshwater locations to find both the banks and water overgrown with weeds and lillies... Oh well.. some accurate casting ewas required, and while not many were eager, atleast a couple of little fellas were hungry (A bigger one took the fly about 10 minutes later).


We haven't had a great wet season this year, hence the darker colours. Still a very pretty fish to add to my list of captures on the little black and pink woolly bugger I like so much.


It came from this gap in the water lillies. Always makes for a fun time with the 2 weight :D




Ended up moving downstream as the tarpon weren'[t really playing and the tilapia were very spooky. I tied on one of Kirk Dietrich's Mylar Poppers from the Saltwater cravings swap hosted by Panama Red. I love the way it sits in the water, and it's colours in the sunlight are simply sexy.



Just another reason why I love swapping with the guys and girls on here. THANKS!





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Some great pics Dave. Are those fish in the last pic those little tarpon? Over here those lily pads would be prime bass grounds. I agree about Kirk's poppers, those things are works of art, I'm almost afraid to use one

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The fish in the last pic are Tilapia mate. I was playing with a polarising filter and managed to get one shot.


The lillies here usually hold a lot of little tarpon... and the odd barramundi. Even further north Saratoga call them home.


While Kirk's popper didn't get any interest it skated very nicely across the lilly pads and into the gaps between ... Two thumbs up!

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