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Bluegill Swap Club - March "Claim Your Pattern" Thread

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Sorry to be so late getting this up. I completely forgot to do it. Anyway, here is the thread to claim your March Pattern. I will be tying a "Yellow Butt Bream Fly." Down South, we call just about any kind of Bluegill sized and shaped fish a "Bream." Except that some people do single out the "Shellcracker," so you have "Bream" and "Shellcrackers." Anyway, the deal for March is that you have to find a pattern that you've never tied before that strikes your fancy and tie up a set. Hopefully you will learn something new, and it just might be that you will discover an effective fly that you've never fished before. As soon as you decide on your pattern for March, let me know and I'll add it to the list. Remember that just about any trout fly is a possibility for Bluegills, but also remember that Bluegill's mouths are considerably smaller than that of a Largemouth Bass. A 'gill's mouth is about the size of a "Cheerio," is my rule of thumb.

Here's the roster, and what each Swapper has chosen to tie.



1. Breambuster - Swapmeister - Yellow Butt Bream Fly - Completed

2. Jolly Red - Boudreaux - Received

3. Dreamcaster - Wet Minnow

4. Famill00 - Soft Hackle

5. IMX - Bluegill Comet

6. Riffleriversteelheadslayer - Swamp Monster - Received

7. Fshrmanms - Attractant - Received

8. BassMouth - Foam Sally

9. ChefBen - Received

10. Ristarwen -

11. Crackleback - Panfish Polecat

12. Bassbugn - Humpy

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Uh oh! Riff and everyone else. I think I sent you the Swamp Monster for February. Riff sent two sets of flies and the Swamp Monster was in the Altoids box and the other set was in the little white bottle. I was thinking about using the Altoids box to keep the February set in. My bad. You'll get Riff's February flies in March and his March Flies in February. I just wasn't thinking. Sorry about that. But his tie of the Swamp Monster is really sweet. A little different from my tie, but I think I like yours better, Riff!



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I started tying the "attractant" these are my first flies using the clear cure goo my daughter gave me for Christmas. hope they're not too tacky LOL.

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I am going to try one I've heard a lot of guys here say is really good, the Boudreaux. Looks like would be a good producer.

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