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Lay out some 3" clumps of darker AH or LB where you can get at them with one hand and lay small pinches of the darker stuff on top as you come over with the loop, then pull the forwards ends of the darker clumps upright on the next turn over the top.

Only add the darker back clumps on every other wrap over the top. The word "clump" is an overstatement ....more like a little pinch.

You can do a contrasting cheek or chin in the same fashion.


You gotta keep tension consistent from start to finish on a 2-tone SM because if you are constantly pulling and then easing up on the tension as you wrap the dubbing loop forward things will start twisting out of position after you fish it a bit. Changing hands and such as you go round-n-round is a No-No.


Personally I haven't found the 2-tone to be worth the trouble..... They do look sweet though, don't they? :)

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