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Fly Tying
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Mike's Golfing Cricket

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Bear with me. Neither my tying skills, nor my photo skills, are much to brag about. Here's my attempt to make a cricket/hopper.



Fly line for the legs, super glue (preferably both liquid and gel), braided fishing line and mono ... all for making the legs.

Craft foam for the body, flip flop foam for the head. Flash for the wing and rubber legs. Thread is sewing thread. A long shank hook.



Cut the fly line to twice the size you want, with a taper on one end if possible.

"Sew in" the mono, glue it in and trim it off



Fold the fly line and super glue into shape.



Start thread and run to hook bend for glue base. Measure and cut craft foam for body.



run thread forward to first segment. remove hook from vice, hook through the craft foam and replace hook in vice.



Glue body to hook, trim front of body to allow for thread wraps



Wrap down segment, move thread forward, wrap next segment, move forward and tie in front of body.


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Color legs with marker, place braid piece through loop in leg



tie in braid



Position legs and tighten thread wraps. Tie off with a couple of half hitches. Since braid is so slick, I put a drop of superglue here.



Tie in wing material and rubber legs.



Measure, cut and skewer foam plug for head.



apply gel super glue to thread base and slide head into place. Be sure to push it far enough to clear the hook eye.


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Cool fly...I didn't think you had it in you wink.png . Well done!


I like the flexible legs.

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