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Fly Tying

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Here is a fly I have been having good luck with lately. It is essentially a smaller version of a pike flash fly. Bass have been loving it however. Normally they are tied with a dubbing loop, however I find it to be annoying to deal with flash in a loop, and came up with this method to put the fly together. Hope you enjoy.




Step 1. Put hook in vise and work thread back to point of hook.



Step 2. Cut 15 or so strands of your base flash color from the hank. Fold it over itself, cut the bundle in half. Pull a taper into the strands. (Black holo used here)




Step 3. Tie in, on top of the shank, a little past the half way point to build a taper to the tail. Wrap forward about 5 or so wraps. Then back to the tie in point. (you can add bucktail above and below the tail to help prevent fouling if you find the need to do so.)



Step 4. Select 4-6 strands of accent color (Red holo in this case, this color combo is my favorite, and best producing.) and repeat step 2. Tie in a fraction longer then the black to add taper. Wrap forward 5 wraps.



Step 5. Pull the forward facing strands backwards, and tie down. Work your thread to about the 1/4 shank mark



Step 6. Repeat step 2, however after you cut it, fold it again, cut, then pull a taper into it.




Step 7. Use the front strands of the tail to judge tie in point to taper the fly. Tie in with 5 or so wraps forward. Ensure the flash encompases the hook shank. Pull forward facing strands back and tie down. Advance thread to half way point.




Step 8. Repeat Steps 6 and 7. Continue to build taper into the fly.




Step 9. Repeat step 4 with accent color. Tie on top of the shank as an overwing only. Tie in the bundle with the backwards facing strands between the tail strands. Fold back and tie down forward facing strands. Advance thread to 3/4s point.



Step 10. Repeat step 6 and 7. Contine to build taper into the fly. Advance thread to hook eye




Step 11. Repeat steps 6 and 7. Watching the taper of course. Fold forward facing strands backwards, and start building the head a small amount. Then repeat step 9, using your last over wing as the judge for tie in point. Fold back, form a nice head. Finish as you wish.




The finished fly. Hope it works as well for you as it has for me.










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