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Bass Popper Tube Style

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Hi everyone,

Thought I would share my "go to" popper for bass. This pattern has worked great in a wide range of colors and sizes. Here is the material list:


Tube: Future Fly soft 1.8mm tube

Thread: Veevus 14/0 black

dubbing: SSS Dubbing (Gaudy green)

tail: buck tail

back: black foam (hobby lobby)

body: UV Polar Chenille UV Pearl

Legs: Sili legs Olive/orange tip

front cone: Future Fly nano cone (black)

Junction tubing: Proof tubing



Ok, here we go:




Start by cutting a 1 inch section of tubing.





Attach thread and make a small ball of dubbing leaving 1/8" of tubing exposed at the back (for junction tubing).




Cut and tie in a small bunch of buck tail on top of the tube extending behind about the length of the tube.




split the tail in two and do a few figure eight wraps to keep the sections apart.




cut a tapered piece of foam a bit longer than the length of the tube. Tie in the narrow end just in front where you split the tail.




Tie in a 4-6" piece of polar chenille right on top of where the foam is tied in and advance the chenille 3-4 wraps.




Ok, things get messy for a bit. In front of the polar chenille wraps tie in two 1" pieces of silk legs on each side of the tube.




Next advance the polar chenille 3-4 more wraps and tie in another set of silk legs only make these slightly longer 1.5" should do.




Ok, things are really looking messy now. Advance the polar chenille 3-4 wraps, tie in two more silk legs on either side of the tube and make them slightly longer than the last pair. 2" works nice. After the legs are tied in wrap the chenille 3-4 turns and create a small ball by wrapping the chenille on top of itself.




Ok, before you fold the foam forward spread the top of the polar chenille to either side. Kind of like you are parting hair. This gives the fly more body and allows the foam to sit flat along the top.



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Ok, lets finish this up:




Next, lift the front of the foam up and dub a medium size ball just in front of where the foam is tied down. This will force the front flap up and push water when stripped.




You can tie the thread off now and trim. Once cut, place a small drop of super glue just in front of the dubbing ball and slip on a nano cone.




cut the tubing leaving about 1/16" exposed.




Holding the fly in the vertical position, take a lighter and melt the tube until it mushrooms in front of the cone.




Now, hold the fly upside down and trim the bottom flat.




Insert the soft junction tubing onto the back of the fly and cut just long enough to allow for the eye of a hook to be inserted.




Insert your hook into the junction tubing and you are done.

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Thanks for the comment. A nano cone has very little weight. It is used to finish the head. I typically use Gamakatsu egg hooks when using junction tubing.

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