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I got this idea from an earlier swap. I need 6 tyers to each tie 6 each of 2 Mayfly Patterns. No other restrictions; any size, any style. So pick your two favorite Mayfly patterns and tie a half-dozen of each and you get back 12 new Mayflies to fish.







1. SM - Fishingbobnelson - Done

1) Adams Hairwing

2) Pheasant Tail and Peacock Hurl Nymph


2. natedubay - Arrived

1) Nate Dubay Special #25

2) Nate Dubay Special #34

3. eastern fly - Arrived

1) Stalcup's Swimming May Variation

2) Hare’s Ear CDC Soft Hackle Emerger


4. Piker20 -Arrived

1) Walkers Mayfly nymph

2) La Grate dry/emerger


5. Horseshoes - Arrived

1) Stillwater Mayfly emerger (Chewbacca)

2) Spent Gnat (mayfly)


6. jburge - Arrived

1) Mayfly Cripple

2) Yellow May


7. joefly79 No-Show mad.gif


Flies mailed July 16

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(Deleted)Yes I guess that is what it means. Forgot what you guys can be like. Lol. Actually doesn't it come from down around Louisianna?Huh?

Fishy bob such an instigator.

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15 July cool. I've tied up first 6 as I was filling my own box. Now just deciding on which one to choose for the second pattern. So many patterns in my box that I love using.

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