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Fly Tying

tie what you can-the flies

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Here are the flies from the "Tie what yo can with this" challenge. Recipes are included if the tier submitted one.


1. rockworm_zps2715d9cc.jpg


Hook: 7957B #12

Thread: Rusty Brown 8/0

Shuck: Grey AntronYarn, sparse

Abdomen: Wapsi Stretch Tubing-tan, with one PT fibre inserted-5-6 turns

Post: Grey Antron Yarn

Hackle: #12 Grizzly Cock-tid paraloop style.

Thorax: Ice Dub-Rusty Brown

Head: Tying Thread (Whipped twice with drop of CA glue)




2. fishingbobnelson_zps44c8c836.jpg


GH Nymph

Hook: TMC 3769 #12

Thread: UTC 140 Rusty Brown

Tail: Grey Antron Yarn

Underbody: Ice Dub-Rusty Brown

Overbody: Liquid Lace Midge-Pumpkinseed

Wingcase: Pheasant tail

Thorax: Grizzly Hackle size 16

Gills: Grey Antron



3. kenj13_zps319c6faf.jpg



Hook: Mustad size 6, 34011

Thread: black 6/0

Tail: about 12 pheasant fibers

Body: grey antron

Rib: tan liquid lace

Hackle: Natural grizzly hackle, ones side stripped, palmered

Head: Ice dub (golden brown as I couldn''t get rusty brown), trim to size & shape




Hook: 14 scud

Thread: Lt Cahill

Tail: Grizzly hackle

Under body: Green holographic thread

Body: Pumpkinseed liquid lace filled with baby oil

Thorax: Rusty brown ice dubbing

Wing Case: Pheasant tail

Gills: Grey antron


5. professori_zpsa0189004.jpg


Hook: Daiichi 1270 #12

Thread: UTC 70 Black

Tail: Grey Antron

Underbody: Silver mylar

Thorax: Liquid Lace Midge (oil filled) pumpkin seed

Wingcase: PT fibres

Abdomen:Ice Dub-Rusty Brown

Beard: Grizzly Hackle


6. travisbille_zpsa098c633.jpg









9. margaretann_zps2d7d520f.jpg



10. riff_zps42c0f31a.jpg




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Thanks for posting the photos. But please edit my recipe. The hackle is Grizzly cock tyed paraloop style, the thorax is Ice Dub. I look forward to receiving my flies and seeing them up close.

(BTW- When I tried to PM this I was told you cannot receive messages. I guess your mailbox is full.)

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