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Barbless klinkhamer hook

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Jim, the C15 has a vertical eye but is not a jig hook. IIRC, the reasoning behind the vertical eye is to encourage the thorax to ride flat on the surface. I haven't tried this model myself but will eventually pick up a couple packs to try. One possible issue I've read regards the very light wire used.


Otherwise, there's always the Daiichi 1167 with a smashed barb. If you go with the Partridge offering, be wary of issues with stated sizes.

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For barbless I use the partridge authentic chech nymph hook. Or the flashpoint klinkhammer. 15bn I think and squash the micro barb.

The 16 is really a 12. 18 is a 14 and 20 is 16.

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Klinkhamers should be tied on the original hook otherwise the shape just isn't the same. The original was the Partridge K12ST, and that had to be modified by bending the shank. Partridge have now brought out the Klinkhamer Extreme hook which has the bend already done for you. They are a good bit bigger than the size you would expect. Not just a size or two, they are on a whole different scale! This is a Klinkhamer hook next to a standard size 8 wet fly hook.


The Klinkhamer hook is a size 20!

As far as I know the Klinkhamer hook isn't available in a barbless option.


You can get good barbless hooks for tying emergers. Some I have been very impressed with recently are the Buzzer Hooks from Lawrence Finney (scroll down). They are very sharp and surprisingly strong for the wire size.These hooks are good value at £6 / 100 (about $9) He also does a Klinkhamer hook that is the right shape, but needs the bend in the shank adding. However, they are barbed.


Should you tie parachute emergers on these hooks please don't call them Klinkhamers. If the habit of using names so loosely continues we will reach a state of not being able to communicate soon.


It is also worth noting that the originally specified method for fishing the Klinkhamer would get you thrown off our local waters (if not publicly flogged, hung drawn and quartered). Make sure you can fish it where you are intending to. I know of waters where it is banned, as they consider it a wet fly.




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