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Trout up and down swap

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ARRIVED SWAP IS FULL - We stay with original 6 tyers.


Since the witness protection program has kicked me out anyway and gov't listens to everything anyway...


Nick Szabo

PO Box 361

Cheyenne OK 73628




Having been granted the magical sceptre of swapmeister powers, I would propose a simple swap with stream trout of average size the quarry. No rigid guidelines but one fly should be your choice of dry or surface film variety. This would be classics, spiders, palmered, emergers or terrestrials. It must work on or in the top layer of water tho.


The second fly should be a pattern to work from below the surface down to the bottom. Examples would be soft hackles, beaded flies, nymphs, wet flies, streamers, etc. Weighted or unweighted is fine since most classic patterns were not weighted.


For those who use an indicator fly and dropper setup, it would be great to include the pair for your surface and under flies and we know we'd know we have a combo that works for us, since it does for you.


I'll watch this thread for a few days and first six to sign up will be in, and if someone comes in late I'll save that for an alternate in case someone notifies me their schedule makes them drop out. That would 12 flies from each tyer, 6 up and 6 down. Let's make the drop dead for mailing July 31st. Anyone who gets flies to me by July 15th can get a fishing report on them from CO.


SM vicrider...Crackleback...Brass body bead nymph...Purple silk and partridge soft hackle...READY

rockworm...Sedgehog...copper John (Sedgehog is ugly cool fly)...ARRIVED

fishingbobnelson...Little Yellow Sally Stimulator...Yellow Sally nymph...ARRIVED

yellow bomber...cdc emerger...pt nymph...No response...

Horseshoes...dry dun...black zebra...ARRIVED



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Yea why not... Considering I use a dry and dropper 50% of the time. Great idea on a swap, glad you got passed the scepter.

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I'll put this here but from now on will put anything I have to relate to in the swap in by editing the first post. Check it from now on.


I looked at calendar again I don't know about way too early but the problem is I'd like to get them out and back before I go to CO fishing and visiting for the last couple of weeks of July. I have a top of the line bamboo rod being built at top builder and it is to ready to use by a bamboo gathering the third weekend of July. With that in mind let's just push the turnin date to the end of July. That way if I leave early to CO they'll be here when I get back and I realize not everybody has the time to tie like I do. My biggest problem is that with retirement I don't get holidays off anymore. :-)


We have our six right now so swap is full. If anyone wants in put your post here and if someone needs to drop before mid July I'll add the new name.


Thanx, Nick

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Swap is full but I'll put you down as an alternate if someone cancels. Thanx for checking. I'll mark swap full above.

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