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Fly Tying

Casting for Recovery Fly Boxes

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For the fourth year I am again looking for 14 fly tyers to tie enough flies for one Casting for Recovery Retreat. http://castingforrecovery.org/home Tyers will put together a box of 12 assorted flies for a participant.


Please use the following patterns for your box: Bead-head Nymphs (sizes 10, 12); Attractor Dry Flies (sizes 8-12); Terrestrials (sizes 10, 12); Wooly Buggers (lightly weighted, sizes 6, 8); Parachute Adams (sizes 10, 12). Please tie only 12 flies so that each participant will get the same number in their fly box. I will contact J. Stockard to see if they will again provide the fly boxes. If not, I will provide them. So send your flies in an Altoids or similar box that you do not want returned. When I have 14 confirmed tyers I will send a PM with my mailing address. As in the past, when I receive a confirmation from CFR I will post a copy for tax purposes. I will take the first 14 with "I'm In" DUE DATE: SEPTEMBER 16, 2013


Fishingbobnelson -SM Done

1. Byron Anderson Arrived

2. Horseshoes Arrived

3. JohnP Arrived

4. flygirl Arrived

5. Ebrant10 Arrived

6. Cencalfly Arrived

7. riffleriversteelheadslayer Arrived

8. utyer Arrived

9. jburge Arrived

10.natedubay Arrived

11.williamhj Arrived

12.FrequentTyer Arrived

13.Piker20 Arrived

14.gpd4 Arrived


All sets of flies have arrived, thank you all

CFR 2012 Donation Letter.doc

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Sign me up, Bob. Thanks for doing this. I have lost loved ones to cancer, as I am sure many of us have.

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Bob, I'm in, but I will be out of town until August 27th. I will get on them right after that.

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