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Fly Tying

Salmon fishing in Michigan/in general

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As of my recent trip to Kodiak, AK, I can say that Alaskan Silvers and pinks coming up streams WILL attack flies, not all caught are "flossed". This was my first trip with a fly rod to AK, crystal clear water to watch 'em see a fly, only to turn-chase-CRUSH!


Pinks - I had the best luck on the smaller flies in my box.. pink marabou or rabbit fur was the material of choice for a variety of ties.


Silvers - I had my ONLY luck with a purple/black egg sucking leech pattern. However I did have a 14.5lber put my 9wt to the biggest test it's ever seen!


Fast stripping did not get fish's attention in the current, all my takers were on slow drifts. It was sure fun to see fish see it and react to it. Of course with a big school of pinks, for every one that paid attention another twenty couldn't care at all.

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