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Tube Fly - First Attempt

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I received a goodie bag of prizes from Misfit Fly Co. and it included some tube material. I have never fished a tube fly or seen one in person. Here was my first attempt.


I had no idea what to use as material, so, I just went with what I had on hand.


It was actually fun to tie, and see how adding the disc gave the material some body. It'll be interesting to see this one in the water.


Material list

-EP Fibers



-tube disc (don't know the correct term)

-Misfit Holo Head


I would love to hear of suggestions on materials. I know that I could use some hackle, but that's about all I know that would look good on these.


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Well first off good for having a go with something new.

Some points for you. Is the tube plastic? If it is you might find using a cone or bead or head(in this case) proves too heavy for the tube and when casting the forces snap the tube behind the cone. Using a cone supplied with a tube or from the same company should reduce this risk.

Second point is the flat disc is designed to be the last item attached with your wing behind. The turbulance from the water flowing over the disc is meant to add lots of movement to your wing. Google eumer monster cone or turbo discs for more ideas on using them.

material wise you can tie anything on a tube you would on a hook or shank. Some tubes are tied in the round, so material spreads 360 round the tube. Google Willie Gunn or Alistair tube fly for examples. Or tubes are tied with a top and bottom. Google temple dog tube for ideas on this.

Have fun.

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What material is that head made of? Looks pretty good for a first round! I bet it'll catch fish, looks like a saltwater pattern to me!

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