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Heavy-handed Tactics (steelhead sculpin flymph)

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Heavy-handed Tactics

Hook - Daiichi Alec Jackson Heavy Wire Spey Hook/Model 2061/Size 8

Thread - 8/0 UNI-Thread (Red)

Front Hackle - Soft Schlappen Hackle (Furnace) - Tyed in facing out over the eye of the hook

Body Hackle - Indian Hen Hackle (Furnace) - Stripped on one side and tyed in over the eye of the hook

Front Body (Thorax) - Chopped Wool Yarn Dubbing (Red)

Rear Body (Abdomen) - Pheasant Tail Fibers (Natural) - The butt ends are wrapped from the middle to the rear, then counter wrapped with the tying thread to reinforce the herl.

Head - Tying thread whip finish, coated with clear nail polish


The name of this fly comes from the heavy hackle collar at the head of the fly. This was an intentional design choice. I wanted to have a pronounced hackle collar at the front of the fly, similar to the head of a muddler minnow, yet somewhat softer. I wanted the profile of the fly to have some bulk, to make it resemble a small sculpin. I have not fished this pattern yet, so I cannot comment on it's effectiveness.

The construction of this fly is identical to the flymphs I posted earlier in the year, just on a larger scale.

It is hard to see in the photos (poor lighting), but the red front body becomes visible when the hackle moves around. It is intended to present a gimps of red, to imitate the opening and closing of gills. Impressionistic minnow imitation.

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Like it. I've found the seatrout love a fly that pushes some water. I tied a tube with a heavy front hackle and slim body. I'll be trying some of these and on slim needle tubes too.

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yeah i would fish this! either swung or drifted, best of both worlds, neato!

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