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Fly Tying
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Fly Tying Station

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If you have searched the forums "fly tying bench data base" you will have seen several versions of my fly tying tool caddy (look for "antlercrest"). It is made for portability and compactness and it works well for a beginner and beyond ( those who have an entire dedicated basement). My current items are on auction and craft websites along with my competitors products and can be found (search "fly tying tool caddy") on the internet with everybody else who has a better idea.. While I don't ship outside of the US, I just wanted you to see something a bit different that is available. As I am always looking for ways to improve on my items, I would appreciate comments (or suggestions) from a newer fly tier.

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I've been tying since 1974 and I finally have a dedicated fly tying station. It's just a glass table, and I've promised to keep it neat, which turns out to be a moving target. So now, if I would only bring out the materials I need for each tying session and put them away... Station or no station, tying's the thing.

At least it's in order today.


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Here is my place to tie my flies. As you can see it, everything was made from furniture of sewing machine.
In front of me, it is a complete piece of furniture sewing machine plus a column of drawers on the left.

From piece of wood of this furniture, I made a small shelf to put it silks, tinsels, threads and others. I take off the cover when I work and put it on to protect the whole of the dust.





On the right they are small drawers of old models and columns of drawers of the more recent furniture.



Behind me, it is from old one furniture to which I added other drawers of the same style after I took off the mechanism of the sewing machine.


On my left, it is another model of furniture in which I screwed a file of metal to put it articles for the tube flies.


Placed so, I have all my material and equipment to be worn of the hand in a relatively small surface for my apartment.



I hope that can give ideas to make a practical and pleasant place for your fly tying station.



Quebec, Canada

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Yeah in spent alot of time looking in the google search images at a ton of stations and I want to see some with the nor-vice on them and see what other people come up with.. Any sites u guys know where they sell some really nice ones?


Jul's, Here is a link to some photos from Nor-Vise photo albums. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.414382895266053.83989.118476531523359&type=3 I have the Nor-Vise and just use a cutting board with holes drilled it it. Norm sells a bamboo mounting board to mount the vise too. After you tie for some time you will begin to figure out what you want on your bench. Oasis makes some smaller bench boards to hold your tools, thread, and more. You can get what you want and set it where you like. Get a small desk to put all these on along with drawers to hold material. As you gain more materials and experience you can add more.

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