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Favorite Trout Streamer

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Hey All,


What are your favorite streamer patterns, articulated or not, for trout? Anything from the small ones to the big ole meaty ones. I've recently been bit with the streamer bug and I'm loving it. These things are fun to tie.


Here's my current favorite for PA trout




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Brand new to tying and somewhat new to fishing.....are wooly buggers considered streamers (I would imagine so)? If so, they are my favorite.... just learned to tie them and seems the fish can't lay off of them

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One of my favorite streamer patterns is this one:




The SPRUCE-A-BOO, developed by Tom Loe of Sierra Drifters for imitating one of the baitfish that lives in here...




The Lower Owens River...Eastern Sierras...and does it work (in Olive and Brown) !




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I havent fished for trout since I started tying big streamers, but 2 years ago my favorite trout streamer was a bunny leech. I plan to change that in the coming year, hope to do more trout fishing in the early part of 2014.

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Schenk's white streamer... in black and weighted. Black marabou tail. Black rabbit in dubbing loop with tapered body and head flared sculpin-style. Shhhh!


Never consider wooly buggers as streamers or they would be up there too. More effective for me as a bottom crawler/tumbler.



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Fox Statlers Fathead Minnow. TLoomis whats that fly you have there. I think I know but I would like some info on it. Looks like something for the Yough.




I guess you could say it is a Galloups Sex Dungeon...or atleast that was my inspiration for it.


Here's the Recipe. I haven't decided on my favorite hook sizes for this yet so I will leave that to your judgement.


Thread: Black GSP 100

Tail: Tan Maribou

Body 1: Rootbeer Polar Chenille

Body 2: Olive Schlappen

Body 3: Tan Barred Rabbit Zonkers (medium)

Legs: Olive Barred Rubber Legs (optional)

Head: Spun Olive Deer Body Hair

Eyes: Large Lead Eyes




Here are the steps starting with the back hook.



1) Secure marabou tail. Add legs or flash after this step If desired

2) Secure Zonker strip for "spine", extending the fur to the length of the marabou tail. You're going to need a decent sized strip since it is all one piece.

3) Secure Chenille, then Schlappen to hook just in front of the zonker strip

4) Wrap Chenille, then schlappen, behind the eye of the hook.

5) Now, bring your zonker strip down the "spine" of the fly, and secure it behind the eye. DONT CUT THIS!

6) Set all of this aside for the time being



1) Secure your lead eyes, and any extra lead to your hook. I usually leave enough room in front of the eyes for one fat clumb of deer hair.

2) Secure your mono or lead wire to the hook.

3) Send the mono/wire through a bead(s), then the eye of the back hook, then back through a bead(s). Secure this end to the hook

4) Superglue to be safe!

5) Secure the zonker strip (coming from the back hook) to the back of your front hook, right in front of the beads.

6) Secure Chenille and Schlappen to the hook, right in front of the zonker strip you just secured

7) Wrap chenille and Schlappen half way up the shank (leaving some room behind your eyes).

8) Add more flash or legs

9) Secure the end of your Zonker strip where you left off with the chenille and schlappen. This is when you can cut it.

10) Secure a clump of deer hair (with the tips stacked and pointing towards the rear of the fly) to the top and bottom of the eyes. Your hair "butts" should flare out behind the eyes.

11) Push back the flared hair, and bring your thread to the front of the eyes.

12) Wrap the rest of your hook shenk with deer hair. If your shenk is bare, the hair will spin much better.

13) Trim and glue!


This is a real fun fly to tie. Getting the head spun is probably the trickiest, yet most rewarding step. As usual, all color combos can be messed with, but I find that this material combo gives some great action. Messing with the weight will also do a lot. I am trying to imitate sculpins, so I usually tie a decent amount of weight in them.


Let me know if you have any more questions. It's kind of hard to follow a step by step w/o pics haha

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