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Fly Tying
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Chell's Floating Ant

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A simple tie, except tying around materials extending past the hook eye. My version is cheap and designed for fishing ... obviously, you can refine aspects of this tie to make prettier ants.


Hook: Eagle Claw size 8 all purpose bait hook

Thread 1 (body and tying): I use sewing thread. Since it will be covered with nail polish, color doesn't matter.

Thread 2 (sewed through foam): A piece of super-braid about 12 inches long or so.

Legs: Black Congo hair

Abdomen and head: 2mm black craft foam

Sewing needle

black nail polish



Punch out two pieces of foam. I use a 1/4" punch. Thread braid through needle doubled, with the loop farthest from the needle.



Thread the braid through both pieces of foam. The piece closest to the loop will be the abdomen.

Loop the thread over the abdomen.




Carefully tighten the loop to secure the abdomen. This will all be covered an secured with nail polish later. Trim both pieces to suit your idea of an ant's abdomen and head. You could probably leave both pieces round, I haven't tried that, yet.




Start the thread at the eye, wrap to the hook bend.



Tie in abdomen and wrap thread forward to back of head placement.




Thread braid through hook eye, pull back under hook and head and secure with several half hitches. Cut off all thread ends.





Coat ant with nail polish and set aside to dry. For the SBS, I have a second one already dry.



When dry, start new thread between abdomen and head and tie in leg material on each side. I didn't show this, because I am hold the camera with one hand. If any newbies are trying this, ask about anyone on here how to tie in legs. Trim legs evenly.



Using a bodkin, coat leg tying thread with more polish. Finished fly.



I caught fish last weekend on this pattern. It's not the most durable, because the fish inhaled it, and getting it out did most of the damage to the abdomen. It's an easy tie, so I plan on having several with me on my next outing.




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I like it Mike. It's easy to tie and looks like it is a real fish catcher. You did a great job explaining the process also.

Take care,


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Nice tie!


I will try it with Clear Cure Goo over the body segments. The CCG set up hard and fast under the light and gives a shapely

finish with minimum fuss.


I can also see a bee pattern emerging from your design.



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