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I mentioned possibly having this after Wet Fly Swap is and have got a few pms from people on here engaging interest so i am going to host it. 3 people have confirmed that they would like in so i will take 12 more people to make it fair for everyone to enter. Everyone tie 15, due date is January 30th. Although it would be cool if we had 15 different types of midges , different color variations of same type will be fine if everyone agrees.

1. Sm- Pheasant Tail San Juan Midge-done

2. Kudu- Beadhead Olive Zebra Midge size 20-received

3. Piker20- Little Thing-received

4. Jkno- Yong Special-received

5. Horseshoes- micro soft hackle midge-received

6. DavidR- grey Mercury Midge-received

7.SullyTM- NorCal Midge- received

8. Shoebop- Davie McPhail style buzzer- received

9. Netabrookie- received

10. Border Collies- Top Secret Midge- received

11.Travis Bille- Dark Zebra Midge with Peacock Sword collar- received


13.Vicrider- Tailwater Special- received

14.Bigdewy- Albino Wine Midge # 12- received

15.Rockworm- Canadian Goose Midge- received

16.Cyberfish- Lightning Bug- received

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Thanks for including me. I need to learn to fish the little guys. I'm way to dependent upon streamers. I'm looking in a midge book now. Ill probably tie a popular southern tailwater pattern. If nothing jumps out at me it will be a zebra midge or variant. I tie a zebra with a herl collar that my buddy swears by but I have never fished it.

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