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Hello from Spain!

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Hello from Spain. I am a fly Fisher and I tie my flies for trout, bass, barbels..., and please you must be patient with me because my English isn´t good...


I have seen this fly tying forum and I like it.


I want to ask you about a new fly vise for me; this is a Regal Medallion vise that I like very much but there aren´t dealers of Regal vise in Spain and I can´t try it.


I like it because this fly vise looks very well done, and I like classic style.


Then I want your opinions of this fly vise. I tell you that I tie flies on 12/14/16/18 and 20 hooks for trout and barbels and a few flies on 6/4/2 hooks for fly bass.


Too I like Dyna King Squire: this fly vise is more cheap but I like classic style of Regal...


Do you think that is a good fly vise for me???


I read that Regal fly vise is not good for small hooks and I like it with standard jaws.


Thank you for your help and your patience...

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Hi Jose, you'll get a lot of opinions on this topic, but based on the hook sizes you're tying, I think the Regal would be great -- especially if you like the style. The "small" hooks, I've seen troublesome on the Regal would be into the 22's, 24's and smaller (the hooks go flying across the room when squirted out of the jaws). I know people that do just fine in those sizes too, but if you're only going down to a #18, you'll be ok. Also, the Dynaking has a "collet" style jaw and it makes it a little bit more time-consuming to dial in hook adjustments. Not a big deal (I tied on a Squire for the first 8 years of my tying experience), but something to be aware of.

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