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I wasn't going to do this but Blane approached me and we are going to split duties so the first 6 months Blane will be hosting

and the second 6 I will be doing it and we have each chosen our own categories for each of our months

so here they are

January- Midge/Chrominid


February - Woven


March - Must contain Duck


April - Czech/Polish nymph


May - Mayfly


June - Size 18 and Under fly


July- Red White Or Blue


August-Tell your neighbor what to tie


September-streamer pattern






December-Tie what you want



Participation is a year long comitment so if you don't think you can go the year don't sign up

we are taking 12 tiers to tie 12 flies each month


1. Riffleriversteelheadslayer

2. BBBruce77

3. Crackleback

4. Netabrookie

5. fishingbobnelson

6. xrayts

7. shoebop

8. border collies

9. J-KNO

10. Jolly Red

11. Homer35805

12. breambuster


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I know I'm a little late, but I would love to be a part of this swap! It seems like a great commitment to make and a great way to become even further exposed to different patterns and variations of tying! If you would, I would love to join and am definitely willing to make the year long commitment! I can have flies tied and in the mail by tomorrow if need be!

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Riff, as much as I enjoyed the chance to fill in last year I think I'll go ahead and pass my spot on to one of the anxious bidders. For the cost of 6 dry flies and 6 streamers my spot is up for sale.ohmy.png laugh.png Actually, rather than a year long commitment I'll just pick some swaps as we go and host a couple along the way as time allows. Hoping to get out quite a bit this year and make use of the great flies I got in past swaps and don't want to worry about meeting deadlines. So, since there are a couple of waiters in the wings, let it go to the next in line.


Thanx, Nick

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Hey guys,


I am hoping for your understanding in my particular situation. I was in a car accident about 10 days ago, got hit by, of all the darn things, by a huge deer on my way to work. It looks like it was trying to jump over my truck, needless to say, it didn't make it. It hit my truck on the right rear, between the wheel well and the tailgate.....smashed that part in about a foot and a half, and also spun my rear end around into oncoming traffic, who proceeded to hit me, on the driver's side this time.


Long story short, had to go into hospital, broken leg, dislocated shoulder, etc. Needed to operate on my leg, and I had to stay in hospital because I live alone. I just got out today, and I am sure I can have my flies in the mail by Saturday, I'll send them priority mail so it won't take too long.


One last thing, I need an address to send the flies to, haven't received one yet and don't know where to send them.


Thanks guys. Talk to your soon I hope...

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Crap Homer, just saw this and hope your healing is going okay. Not only did the deer do the damage but son of a gun spins you into traffic. I've grown to hate those overgrown rodents and am tired of reading about bikers and car drivers getting messed up by them. We need longer seasons on them, less PETA propaganda, and maybe some other forms of control. The deer carnage on the road has gotten progressively worse, and yet people want to feed them and haul food to their wintering grounds to feel good about themselves, not realizing nature can either take care of them one way or another.


Anyway, glad you can still be optimistic about tying anyway and hope for the best in your recovery.




edit to add I just read you're not able to tie so I hope you can find other ways to amuse yourself as you heal. Good luck.

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Life ain't been too good for me lately...dang deer, and it didn't even have the decency to die and provide me with a little venison...


And of course, not being able to tie is driving me crazy...I guess now I have time to inventory my stuff and open my ebay store...going to sell "Fur and Feathers...And Stuff".....mostly fur and feathers though...just got a shipment of 6 geese..3 of the huge Canadian geese, and 3 snow geese....going to see how well the white feathers on a snow geese take to being dyed a different color....


I also have a huge amount of ring necked pheasant feathers if anyone is interested....matched wings, tail feathers, wing feathers....etc...and all the rest of the feathers that come from a pheasant;;;;


I'll be around and in touch, ya'll take care now,,,,

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