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Fly Tying

How are all you Salties doin'?

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SWAP IS FULL biggrin.png

'It's a new year and we can still SWOFF swap'.



The only rules apart from the standard ones will be it has to be a favourite pattern of yours and the other is that it has to be fished in the salt.


We've got 8 swappers and myself, so tie 8 each of one pattern and you won't get any of yours back...

SM Li'lDave - #6 crustacean. DONE

2. Eugward - Surf candies. Received.... SET RECEIVED

3. Horseshoes - Mike's Shrimp. Received.... SET RECEIVED

4. Piker20 - Rotten Meat. Received.... SET RECEIVED

5. agn54 - Money Maker. Received.... SET RECEIVED

6. Atxdiscgolfer - Redfish Crack. Received.... SET RECEIVED

7. SCOwens - Received.... SET RECEIVED

8. Czinger96 - IN THE MAIL??? NOT responding to PM's

I do have a PayPal ac (Search for me under David Little, PM me for my email address).... I'm also running low on OS currency so would be happy to receive cash.... but I'll check details of PayPal and we can do it that way.


It's been a bit slow.... so here is what we'll do.... tie 8 flies.... You won't get any of your ties back, but I will split the additional tie so that everyone ends up with 2 of one of the ties... so that will be different for everyone.... Oh... And you still might get a little extra something from me in the way of another pattern anyway..


Due date will be week of 28 Feb


Post to:

Dave Little

3 Beau Park Drive







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I'm in depending on the due date. My good man how can you forget that or am I just a little too saturated from the holiday?:-)

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Sorry bout that...



You're all in if you're keen. Let's set the due date for end of February 2014... so due date will be week of 28 Feb. Will confirm exact date when I check the calendar.

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:D... what to tie... what to tie.... another cool sesh in the heat today. ...


Tailing Barra teasing us in the closed season. .. ozzie tarpon feeding in a worm hatch! I got 2 but i left Rich Mc's worm flies at home!!


Another bream crawling over his mates for one of my shrimp and my second grunter in as many outings :). Just about everything is right in the world of Dave!!



You're in agn love your ties. And am glad to have you on board Shoes and Piker :D

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Righto atxdiscgolfer. You're in.


My little crustacean army are tied and ready to go.

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