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Allen Fly fish co. TMC 200R equivelent a hassle for anyone else???

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If you only are interested in the beads for weight, why not just use lead (substitute) wire on the shank?

I know on some hooks with an abrupt bend, sometime I have to actually force the bead around the bend with my fingernail.


I don't use beads only for the weight. I add lead to the shank as well as the bead. I like the way the bead looks on the nymphs, specifically darker colored beads. I think it makes the nymphs look a little cleaner/neater than with a thread head. Also, as stated, I do not like having split shot on my leader. Just a pet peeve.


200r bend hooks usually require you do most everything people have recommended, and to make getting it to pop over the bend a little easier I like to use my Beljan Bead Devil tool... works like a charm..

Crimp the barb, choose the right sized bead, then use the tool



Thanks for the idea.. I might look into that tool. However, I actually found a really easy way to fix my problem. I used the hook-pliers in my fishing pack to grip the bead and provide more leverage on the bead. I found my fingernail couldn't provide near the grip nor the control that these could. These made it super super easy to get it around the TMC 200r equivelent hook. Thanks so much for your guys' ideas and input. Much appreciated. I am a bit new to the advanced techniques of fly tying so any input is greatly appreciated.

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