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Huchen flies?

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Huchen -- local term Mladica (Mladitsa) -- are present in many areas in the old Yugoslavia's Danube and Sava River feeder streams. The Una has them, as do many others. Slovenia's streams however are closer to Europe, cleaner, and more rigidly managed than they are further south. And the civil war there was brief so you will miss signs that warn of mines there.


The system of licensing and guiding differs from region to region. The basic pattern though is that rivers and even sections of larger rivers have fishing clubs that issue licenses and control fishing in their area . There is no state or national license. And regs differ area by area. In essence you can inadvertently invade another club's domain and violate its regs too w/o a guide.


The clubs have river-keepers/wardens -- (chuvar) -- who can issue licenses on the spot and fine you for infractions. The "guides" often are chuvars but not in the sense of US professional guides. I have known chuvar to violate regs on a regular basis and allow poaching by friends and family too w/o licenses. In essence they protect their waters for their use.


My main fishing experience has been in the south in Bosnia, Serbia, and the western margins of Croatia. And that was 30 years ago. Then, it was common for small villages to build concrete ramps over streams so that oil changes could be done there! And you had to go way upstream to escape the throw away plastic shopping bags festooned in the trees during floods.


Check out flyfishingrussia's blog and his new book on his experiences and fly patterns used in Siberia for taimen. He has many innovative ideas on flies for trout and salmon too.



I noticed that the guide relationship appeared to be a bit different that in the US



That said.... Emil has been outstanding in communication and arrangements

Through my travels, I have never booked a guide... but local regs state all foreigners must fish with one

prices are reasonable, Emil has been a great contact

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Thanks again for the tips. Really jealous of your trip as my own first choice would have been with Emil having seen some videos of the River (and the Fish). I have every intention of fishing with him either January or Feb next year as my agenda for this year is full. (Vienna area in three weeks time and Kola Peninsula in August along with a couple of short trips home to Scotland in between). It would be good if you could mention my name to Emil as I would not like him to be thinking that my enquiry was a bluff and had my buddy not gone ahead and booked the Pielach I'd have taken him up on the alternative arrangement he offered.

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Mongolian taimen lives in shallow, clear streams and is very much surface oriented. In Siberia I catch it mostly with streamers and sometimes with wobbler-flies. All my taimen streamers are tied as String Leeches - with a weighted head & a trailing hook. The hook is normally from2/0 to 4/0 Octopus.


The mouse imitations work only in some waters and not every day.






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