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2 swaps in 1- Emerger swap and Reel Recovery Swap

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Swaps Full!


i have been asked if i can coordinate a swap for the Reel Recovery group- a non profit group similar to Casting For Recovery except this group is for men with cancer; and i was thinking that we could have 1 swap for us as well. So this is how it would work - you send in 2 sets of flys in 1 altoids box, we will all get 1 set of flys back and i will donate 1 set of flys from each participant to the reel recovery group. Doing this swap this way will prevent everyone from having to pay double postage. As for our the Reel Recovery flys they need pretty much anything for freshwater because they will be fishing for stocked rainbow trout, bass, and sunfish in ponds so wooly buggers, nymphs, emergers, midges, terrestrials, or anything really. As for our swap i was thinking an emerger swap would be a good idea. Please send postage paid return envelope for the Emerger Swap, and i will give Reel Recovery flies to the local coordinator here. Due date is End of February


sm- Gregs Emerger- done

1.Psychoprince- PMD Emerger- received

2.DavidR- BWO Emerger-received

3.Travis Bille- tbd- received


5.Netabrookie- received

6.Sundance- Irish Caddis Emergers- received


8.Fishingbobnelson- Grizzly Hackle Stacker Emerger- received

9.DavidHe- received

10.notenuftoys- received



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Nick2011- you tie 12 emerger patterns for the emerger swap in which you get back 12 different emerger patterns from all of us and tie 12 flies to be donated to the ReelRecovery swap.

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Joe, I'll pass on this swap. Have a lot of stuff to catch up on...BUT, I'll pull a bunch of fitting flies for the Recovery Group and send those your way. I have a big supply of blobs since I got carried away. I'll keep the ones I got in swap and send some of the others, plus some 'gill patterns and bass streamers.


IF...which is unlikely, this swap doesn't fill I'd step in but I think it should be full in a couple of days. And Nick2011, you do a dozen emergers for the swap part of the game, then include a dozen or so of other ties for the Recovery Group to use. The swap flies are specific to a type, the Recovery flies not so much so.

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