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A Beginner Again!!!

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Well hello guys,


My Name is Miles and I'm from Derbyshire in the UK. I first used this site about 15 years ago when I was 14, 15 ish and I had just started tying flies! I ran a couple of swaps and got really into it. I then went off to uni and lost site of normality being engulfed with studies and alcohol, (mainly alcohol though!!). I then went and got married, and had a baby girl, and before I knew it I was separated from the wife and found I had a bit more time on my hands! For Christmas Dad went and got me a few bits and pieces to start off with so I thought I would post a few first attempts on here and open myself to comments and constructive criticism!


Please feel free to comment! I'm going to have a go at a few parachutes tonight as Dad is off to Slovenia at the end of next month, (and doesn't tie as good as me!!)


Kind Regards,







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Welcome back to the addiction. Looks like your picking up pretty quickly.


Those will catch fish. A few things can be done to improve them. The buzzer is fine, but I like a much finer rib on mine. You have the proportion between the abdomen, and the thorax just right. Tie a bunch of those.


The tail on the second fly appears to have been trimmed. Size your tails so the tips don't need to be trimmed. The tail also bends down a bit, take a wrap or two under them if the start to do that. The tail should be in the same plane as the hook shank or just slightly elevated.


That nymph will fish just fine the way it is. The thorax is a little short, the abdomen should be about 3/5ths of the shank, and the thorax about 2/5ths.


The woolly bugger is fine. The hackle on those could be trimmed for a spikier effect, but they work either way.

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