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Fly Tying
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Camera and flies

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The lack of a "half-push" focus feautre is a known drawback for the HP435, so I feel confident saying that it's not you, but rather your camera that is causing your problem.


If you're ever in the market for another digital camera, look for one that allows you to push the shutter button halfway down to set the focus and then press it the rest of the way to take the photo.... This is a *must* for close-up digital photography, as is the aforementioned macro mode. (I'm assuming that we're not talking about buying super high-end gear with manual operation and all manner of adjustable photophile toys.)


M pictures are taken, hand-held, with a JVC GC-QX5HD in macro mode with a piece of printer paper for a background. So far, I've asked my wife to hold the paper behind my vise, set the flash to (forced) on, and shot from about 2" away. The pictues will never get my flies featured in a magazine (nor will my fly tying for that matter!) but they're fine for viewing online, where the camera's picture taking capabilities far exceed the Internet's capability to display them.


Well, that's my $0.05 ($0.02 USD)


Tight lines, Sir!



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