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muddler,matuka or zonker swap

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Im thinking of a streamer swap of muddlers,matukas or zonkers with a mid april due date. Any type or style of muddler minnow,matuka streamer or zonker pattern. Any size hook. 1st 12 swapers plus swapmister.


Well,what do you think, any intrest? Come on, you need a break from those tax forms anyway.

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Cool, were off to a good start.

So far we got

ATB2 (swapmister)...Olive matuka

JKR....red neck rabbit

CapeBsalar...Orange Muddler


Daryn Smith....?

Trout Traveler...?

Mr Trout...?

Artimus...Muddler Variant



Jasonk...unnamedsteelhead matuka

MGJ...muddler tbd



one spot left.

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Well we still got 1 spot open .


Sign up will close feb 8 th, so dont get left out.



The due date is gonna be April 6th. This will hopefully get the flies back to you before the 15 th so u can tell the IRS the reason your taxes were late is you just got some new flies and needed to see if they worked , so you went fishing. biggrin.gif



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