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Fly Tying
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started tying 2 months ago. here is what ive done

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here is a pot luck of most of the flies i have tied so far. i live in north western PA so i fish for a very very large variety of fish. i only started two months ago and i am now starting to experiment with inventing flies. the flies attached are:


My First Fly the Parachute Ant.

Zebra Midges

Prince nymphs

A random emerger

Psycho nymph Variation 1

Psycho nymph Variation 2

Psycho nymph Variation 3

Clousers.... lots of clousers...

my first and so far, only attempt at a pike fly

Blue WInged Emerger

this is my experimental fly.its a midge if you want the recipe just comment for it and ill start its own topic.

royal trout streamer

my variation of the royal trout streamer


Please Critique














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Thanks! Any Critiques are greatly appreciated. as well as any recommendations on what i should tie next from all you PA peeps out there?

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After 2 months, I was still trying to figure out which end of the hook to put in the vise. Very well done. The only critique I would offer is the Clousers look a little thick (fat?). With Clousers, usually less material is required. However, those will still definitely catch fish.

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thanks chase. the blue clouser on the right was the last one i tied that night and realized "Hey! i dont need a lot of material to make these" lol

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