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Fly Tying

Beginner from Colorado...

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Thanks NH!


I feel very fortunate to have found PHWFF.......the program has opened a whole new world for me!


I JUST got the Peak Vise!!!!! Can you tell I am happy!!!!?!!!!


I am heading up to Denver for the beginners Fly Tying class in a few hours. I am SOOO happy that I got into this program! Now I can see first hand how to tie flys without relying on the youtube videos......I have soooo many questions.......I simply cannot wait!!!!!!


I still need to learn about getting supplies (Hook & Hackle has been OUTSTANDING!)......I got some sampler packs and some other material from them.....not that I know how to use them :) but for folks looking for HELPFUL people they are my Go To shop!


Mike :)

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I can't wait to get there to learn the basics! I just got the Peak and am hesitant to see how it works! Granted I could tie on a set of Vise Grips and still be happy....LOL!


Thanks again for the furled leaders.......the card you sent was GREAT!


I will be building a "jig" in the next week or so.......


I will be sure to post up a picture of my VERY FIRST FLY as soon as the class is done!


Mike :)

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Well I am truly blessed!!! I got an email from the folks at Project Healing Waters Denver and they had a spot for me to learn how to tie flies!!!!


I went up on Wednesday and they were very helpful! There are about 9 of us in the class and we are all excited!



We did NOT even set up the vises but we learned a bunch.


I decided to start setting up my room for tying.....and assembled my Peak Vise. NOW that the room is cleaned up (was used for storage...aka my Junk Room as my wife says, it is good to go!




So without further ado....here is my first fly....a Zebra Midge that is called a "Black Beauty" here.






Now, we did not have supplies yet for tying so I am using a hook from the sampler pack I picked up from Hook & Hackle that seemed to be pretty close.


I practiced tying whip finishes and half hitches for a couple of hours yesterday and today to get the hang of it and with the help of some videos and the two books I have I think I have it down enough to be dangerous...LOL!


My biggest issue right now is simply trying to figure out what hook sizes I need. That will most likely come on Wed when we have our next meeting but in the meantime the sampler pack from H & H has enough to allow me to practice!!!




Mike smile.png

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Nice work on the Zebra Midge! Proportions look right, thorax, abdomen and rib all look very neat, no excess bulk, no "lumps" at the bend where things were tied in. If my first flies had looked that good when I started tying, I would have been a happy camper indeed. As I recall, the first fly I ever showed to someone caused them to ask, "Why are you showing me lint?" lol


You are well on you way, I'd say. I like your tying area, too. I have a bench very similar to that one that I use for rod building. Looks like there's a good amount of unused space yet in that room--that's good, as you'll be filling it with materials storage before you know it. :)


Looking forward to seeing more of your flies--have fun tying and keep us posted!



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Thanks Everyone!


I have tied a few more of the "black Beauties" and have also tied several of the "San Juan Worm". We went over these in our tying class for PHW. Truth be told, I had more trouble with tying the San Juan than the midges...LOL. After a couple of botched attempts at the SJW I have it down now as well! Gotta love the tying. I like to tie ONE pattern and do a bunch rather than swap between patterns.


I get into more of a rhythm tying one pattern on multiple hooks than swapping between one and another.


Mike :)

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