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Fly Tying

Fourth Annual Evolution Swap

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Last year's Evolution swap was an outstanding success and several participants were daft enough to ask for another. Please read the rules before jumping in:

This is an odd idea I had- somewhat related to that game where you whisper something in someone's ear and they whisper to the next person and so on and so on and then you compare the beginning idea with the final idea. It would work like this: The first tyer invents a fly and posts the recipe (not the fly, just the recipe) here. The second tyer changes one element of the recipe to create a new fly. (For example, he might change the body or the hackle or the wing, or... You get the idea.) Each participant has 48 hours to think about his fly and post his pattern for the next tyer. Each participant then tyes up and sends a dozen of his particular variation to the swapmeister who mounts them in order from first to last so each participant gets an evolutionary series. Sort of like the picture we've all seen of the ape standing next to a slightly more erect apeman and so on, each a little more erect and taller until the last one is a man standing in a stream waving a stick.

I welcome international members and will cast the deadline as far as I can- how about July 1? (Although I think we could finish much earlier.) I will take the first thirteen who reply with "I'm in."

To summarize: Each tyer (except the first) modifies one element of the recipe sent to him and sends his new recipe (and the fly's name) to the next tyer in the queue. Your modification can be a change in colour, material, or the addition or subtraction of a material. You don't need to preserve the form of the previous pattern- feel free to transform the fly's stage (nymph, larva, pupa, emerger, adult) or even family (Trichoptera, Plecoptera, Ephemeroptera, Diptera,...) To make it more interesting, each tyer will give his creation a name based (however loosely or tangentially) on the previous fly's name.

Additional Notes

Reasonable substitutions are permitted. (For example, if a body of muskrat is called for, any grey dubbing would be fine. A wing of white bucktail could be substituted with calftail, polar bear, rabbit fur,... You get the idea.) Transposition of material from one area of the hook to another is tolerated if kept in moderation. In addition to your one major change you may, if you want, change the hook style and/or the size of the fly by one hook size (ie: #10 to #12 or #8.)

Please post your recipes here and give us the name of your creation when you pass that info on to the next in line.

Note the following DO NOTs:

1) DO NOT toe-tag your flies.

2) DO NOT include a return envelope as I will probably send your swap sets back to you in a small box. I will, however, need your real name and return address (preferably neatly printed and ready to tape to your package.) Since I can't predict what the return postage will be you can do one of the following:

Send me a couple of dollars (more-or-less equivalent to what you need to mail your flies.)

Or send me a couple of your hand-tyed flies; Or a couple of hooks, or material, or... whatever you think fair. Or you can wait to receive your swap set and either mail me or PayPal me the postage

I will take the first 13 members with an "I'm in." Your place in the evolutionary series will be determined by your place in the following list:

1) Horseshoes (Gray Fox variation) pattern posted 25/4 address sent 5/5 in the mail 8/5 received 13/5 Evo Set delivered 15/9

2) Henrik Thomson (Frayed Goose) pattern posted 26/4 address sent 2/6 in the mail 4/6 received 23/6 Evo Set Delivered 15/9

3) fishingbobnelson (Goosed Faery) pattern posted 27/4 address confirmed 23/5 in the mail 24/5 received 3/6 Evo Set delivered 13/9

4) netabrookie (Quilled Grizzly Duck) pattern posted 28/4 address sent 4/5 in the mail 7/5 received 13/5 Evo Set delivered 15/9

5) djtrout Grilled CDC pattern posted 29/4 address sent 7/5 in the mail 12/5 received 20/5 Evo Set delivered 19/9

6) mybadhabit (Grilled Possum) pattern posted 30/4 in the mail 7/7 received 14/7 Evo Set delivered 13/9

7) joseph russell (Grizzly Calf Emerger) pattern posted 1/5 address sent 17/5 in the mail 23/5 received 30/5 Evo Set delivered 13/9

8) cencalfly (Rusted Grizzly) pattern posted 2/5 in the mail 25/6 received 4/7 Evo Set delivered 15/9

9) riffleriversteelheadslayer (Grizzly Fry) pattern posted 2/5 in the mail 24/6 received 7/7 Evo Set Delivered 13/9

10) bertgwen ( Deep Fry'ed Turkey) pattern posted 5/5 in the mail 30/6 received 8/7 Evo Set delivered 12/9

11) professori (Deep Fry'ed Chum) pattern posted 6/5

12) Sjo (Fryed Chum Tube) pattern posted 8/5

13) DavidHE (Frute Smoothie) posted 9/5 address sent 23/06 in the mail 24/6 received 4/7 Evo Set delivered 13/9

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This is mine

Gray Fox (variation)

Hook- 12 2xl bronze

Tail- yellow mallard flank wood duck

Body- red fox dubbing

Collar- tan/red dry hackle, yellow grizzly (combined)

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Welcome aboard Horseshoes and Henrick!


Henrick, since you are a new participant to this swap I will summarize the rules: You have 48 hours to "mutate" Sharon's pattern. You may change one (1) of the flies components. (ie: Add a wing, or change the body colour, or replace the collar, or ...) The components you do retain may, if you wish, be used for other purposes. (ie: duck fibers can be moved from the tail to the throat, a collar hackle can be palmered through the body, or wrapped parachute style.) In addition you may, if you wish, change the hook size one (1) size. You do not need to use the same style hook and you may choose a different fly type (ie pupa, nymph, emerger, wet, spinner,...) You may even change the species-type (ie: stonefly, caddis, midge, baitfish, ...) You must also invent a name for your fly based on the name of the previous fly, and indicating (however obliquely) the nature of the evolution.


Please post the name of your creation and its recipe. Do not show us the actual fly. I look forward to seeing your entry.

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I think I'd like to give it a try but it's not as easy for an old guy like me to figure this out. Sharon has established a base line fly. Henrik ties same fly with a change somewhere. Each person in line waits for one above to list his fly and change. Then when it gets to me I tie same fly throwing in my variation. So we start with start with Sharon's nice simple pattern and by the time we're down to last tier it has become an 11 material abomination that is designed to scare any trout smaller than we want to catch out of the pool. When you've collected all the flys we each get one of everyone else's to add to our fly box or our wall hangings.


If I have that more or less right I'll get in.

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Welcome aboard fishingbobnelson, netabrookie and vicrider.


Vic- You almost have it. But the idea is not to see how we can dress up the original pattern. Each step produces a new fly which has some similarities to the fly before it. Your job is to make a single change to the pattern before you which improves it or would make it more effective under different circumstances. Don't forget It is also fine to eliminate a material or body part. Evolution loves to simplify! I think you will have a better idea when you see the patterns for the first couple of descendants of our founder fly.

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Here is the link to last year's evolution swap: http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?showtopic=72002

This will give you a better idea of how this thing works. What you get back is a box containing all the flies in order sutiable for display. I have all three of mine on the wall and have a space saved for this years collection.

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rockworm, please read this carefully since typed words sometimes don't convey the right meaning. I'm in. I want in. BUT, if anyone who has been in before and saved the series like fishin'Bob, I'd give them a spot. I don't want to hog every spot that comes up but the trip I was going to make and take some time away from swaps the dang doc shot down for now so I have plenty of bench time to occupy myself.




ps...edit to add, thanx for the link fishbob, it does look like a lot of fun.

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Frayed goose (tried to play with "fray gox" -changed first letter of fly name- as inspiration)



Hook 14 std dry

Tail yellow grizzly

Body gold goose biot

Wing yellow wood duck

Hackle red dry hackle


Hope I got it right, else help me out. ;-)



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Well done Henrik! At first glance I was sure there were too many mutations going on here. But according to our rules the only significant change is from a red fox body to gold goose biot body. The wing is basically the tail transposed. (Yellow wood duck is a reasonable substitute for yellow mallard.) The tail is a transposition of one of the collar hackles. And the name is very clever: Transposed letters and goose replaces fox. Most appropriate.


You're up Bob.

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