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RBF: Made stupid mistake, need to remove butt cap after epoxy

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Well, i reckon that's why you don't build rods in a hurry. I had an extra 20 minutes the other day, so i hastily epoxied my reel seat onto my blank. 2 days later I returned home to examine my beautiful work, only to realize i have the locking nut (terminology?) above the part that holds the reel. :wallbash:


Is it possible to remove the small butt cap at the bottom of the rod? On a happier note, i'm REALLY good at mixing and applying epoxy. That little %* is on there SOLID!


Solvents? Heat?


I would obviously prefer to save the reel seat and wood, but the blank is the priority of course.


If it makes a difference, the blank is fiberglass, the metal components are lemke dark silver, and a maple burl wood. I used "15 minute" epoxy.


Thanks for any suggestions.






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