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RBF: Static Testing

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Okay I've gone through three different guide spacing programs for

an 11' 6 wt. switch rod, taped on guides, and did static testing.


(I am using the technique of loading the rod with one weight to bend the

rod to its natural bend, & running a separate monofilament line through the guides

to 'see' the segments)


The thing is, they all look good. Even with one program fairly 'different' in the spacing.

This is proving to be so subjective to my eyes that I no longer know what I'm

looking for :wallbash:


Seems that as I go from rod tip to butt, the area under each segment cannot be

identical to it's neighbor because of the changes in guide height. (???)


I guess I'm asking for some explanation and elaboration as to what you folks are

looking for and adjusting, when do the static testing of fly rods.


Hatchet Jack.....

ready to get out hatchet, arrrrrghhhh. <_<




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