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RBF: Question Want a rod for Pier fishing

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OK, I could go to Academy sports and buy a rod that will somewhat do what I want to do and for the fact that I will not use it often, that may be a little better way to go and probably could get by on the cheap. But I like catching fish with rods that I build myself. Problems: 1. I want a 2 piece rod and every suitable 7-7'6"(7'6" is my preference) that I can find is 1 piece. 2. I want a fast action stiff rod with a fairly soft tip, Think Dan Craft FT. Why, because I just like them like that. Heavy action freshwater type ugly stick would be ideal, I can't find one. I have an old St. Croix fiberglass rod that my ex brother in law built years ago with a spinning seat and baitcast guides that may fit the bill, and am considering replacing the guides and rolling with that. But it has some sentimental value and I am reluctant to tear it down. He taught me to build rods. I will probably go with spinning reel. Bottom line is that I want a rod small enough that I can use it for fishing for bass and big brown trout with crank baits, but just big enough to get by Saltwater fishing on the pier in Florida. 3> I don't want to spend an arm and a leg. I have an elcheapo Zebco Rhino casting rod that I just like the feel of that is 6' long and one piece, I am wondering if maybe I could get one of those and rebuild it to my liking. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I know most of you guys fly fish and I do as well, but many of you have been building all types of rods for a very long time, so your input would be appreciated and respected. Thanks!




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