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Thought I'd pass this on; it's from my recent switch rod build and

my first attempt at alignment dots. I have used this trick to make eyes for

streamers and bugs.


Pretty simple.....some 'borrowed' finger nail polish,

a pencil*, and some wax paper or plastic bag from

a cereal box. Just dip the pencil tip into the polish

and start poking it onto the plastic bag.




With a little practice, one can vary the size of the dots by the amount

of polish on the pencil tip, and by how much the polish is thinned.

The beauty of this trick is that it's cheap, and you can bugger up

as many dots as you like, until you've got it down good, to the perfect size

for your rod section.


I let the dots dry for a few hours, then I lift them up with razor blade,



and gently place them into position with tweezers:



I have found that the dots drying on plastic sheet makes for a slightly tacky

dot on it's underside, and this helps the dot stay put when applying the epoxy



Also - even though I wax my male/female ferrules, now & then a section may go flying

off on a forward cast, and by keeping watch on how close the dots are, I can forstall

any loosening ferrules....before a big fish alerts me to some snapping rod sections.


* a small knitting needle would work great instead of a pencil

but I shan't push my luck on the 'borrowed' nail polish :whistle:




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