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RBF: trouble wrapping guides

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So I spent quite a bit of money on good rod components. Everything arrived in time for a me to be able to complete building a fly rod in time for a nice week long fishing trip I have coming up at the end of this week (or so I thought).

I'm really having trouble completing wrapping the guides on the tip half of the two piece blank. I'd get quite a few on only to knock one off in the middle because it was hitting the wrapper jig upright while I was spinning on a new one. I have at least two do-overs now on every guide and finally I lost a guide when it came off unnoticed. The new rod won't be going with me. I had to reorder a guide.

Is it me or does wrapping the guides get exponentially more difficult as you approach the tip?


A few of the problems:

1. Difficulty temporarily mounting the snake guide with tape keeping it in alignment. (Is there anyway to hold a snake guide in alignment -they are such a weird shape)

2. At the start of a wrap the thread slips due to reduced surface contact as the rod diameter decreases.

3. The whip finish loop seems to overpower everything else in size and gets difficult to manage.

4. The smaller diameter rod won't stay put and wants to spin in the jig loosening the thread if I let the rod go.

5. As I mentioned - undoing finished wraps done earlier due to banging into the wrapping jig.


One thing I thought of for slipping thread was to get it wet.

Has anyone every tried wrapping soaked thread?


I may just be getting to old to old for this hobby - bad eyes shaky hands, but I would appreciate any comments/advice specifically addressing the five points mentioned above. I'd hate to have to hire someone to finish the rod.









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