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RBF: Don't even know how to state my question regarding thread siz

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Hello all, been lurking for a short time and decided to sign up a little while ago.


So, Im new to the rod building gig (started this year in 2014) but have cranked out quite a few already because it's rather addicting. Now that I feel I'm getting the hang on some things I want to start fine tuning my finished thread wraps. The one thing I'm noticing is that I get a small bump where my tag ends are pulled under the thread. I use PacBay Size A thread and primarily want to focus on 6 - 8wt salt water fly rods.


* So question number one - how do I get around this bump, it becomes rather apparent once the epoxy is on. I've cut them down when the epoxy is dry enough but I feel this method is really a work-around, not a real solution.


* So, this leads me to question number 2 - Do thread diameter thickness vary from one company to the others... in other words, are all size A threads the same size and if not, which brands are thinnest for the same size A strength?


* Next, Sage and the like make nice rods, and their wraps/epoxy jobs are nice, even and very flat, the epoxy almost looks like it flows right into the rods general "clear" coat". Is this some super secret squirrel method to their rod wrapping madness or is this something I could achieve as I get more experienced?


So far I've only built on Batson blanks, some glossy ones and some are the matte gray...seems it would be hard to achieve that look on the matte gray due to the contrast from the epoxy gloss to the matte... not expecting that "Sage" look on that particular rod blank.


I'm able to get away from the foot ball shape (at least most of it) by kind of doing what Mr Carlyn explained in a tutorial I found on here..I used a credit card but don't use DNA since I use U 40 LS Supreme Duragloss - I don't know how sensitive that stuff is to altering it by thinning it even more.


So, all in all I'm looking for some better results, with thinner thread though still strong enough for salt water use (Size A) and an even smoother profile, not having the tag ends create a small bump... and yes curiosity kills me and I want to know what Sage uses thread wise.. :D Thanks in advance for your input.


Here is a picture of the latest build I did for a friend on Montana built on a Forecast blank 905-2 RX6









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